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Insurance Claims Assistance

Insurance Claims Assistance

Independent Loss Adjuster - Assessor

Scott & Associates are a firm of professional Loss Assessors who will represent you, the policyholder, in the event of an insurance claim. When you make an insurance claim, your insurance company appoints an "Insurance Loss Adjuster" or "Loss Assessor" to assess the value of your claim. Contrary to most claimant's belief, this loss adjuster is not independent but appointed to protect the interests of your insurance company and typically look to minimise the amount paid on your insurance claim. The loss adjuster's fee is paid by the insurance company and they report directly to them.

Get The Full Entitlement From Your Insurance Policy

Appointing your own loss assessor to assist with your insurance claim can substantially affect the outcome of your claim both in the amount paid out and the time it takes to complete. Scott & Associates will ensure that you receive the full entitlement from your insurance policy, in the shortest possible time.

You wouldn't go to a Court of Law without professional representation, so don't enter into the negotiations of your insurance claim with potentially many thousands of pounds at risk without your own expert. We understand that it's a difficult and stressful time for you, and that's why we're here to help:

Types Of Insurance Claim Covered

Fire Damage
Flood & Water Damage
Storm Damage
Burst Pipes & Drains

What The Papers Say

"Frustrated insurance claimants are facing more obstacles and delays in getting their money out of insurers. Two-thirds of brokers say they have had to get tough with insurers on behalf of customers to get claims paid, according to a survey by the British Insurance Brokers' Association."

Financial Mail on Sunday 12th December 2010

See full article here.

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Scott & Associates are specialist loss assessors in all aspects of insurance claims management and can assist in the preparation and presentation of all domestic and commercial insurance claims resulting from fire, flood, storm, water damage, burglary, impact damage, subsidence or blocked drains. Need advice? Call our team of loss assessors to discuss your insurance claim today on:

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